[ale] lost a motherboard

Mike Panetta ahuitzot at mindspring.com
Tue Feb 3 10:28:58 EST 2004

If you have not done it already, I would power the system up with nothing but the
new (well, known good) video card RAM and CPU plugged in to the motherboard.

I have had cascade failures where the PSU blew taking out the controller on one of the HDD's
such that it would hold the MB in reset while the IDE cable was connected.  This can also
occur if you somehow reconnected the IDE cable to the MB backwards.  This is because
one of the lines on the IDE connector is reset, and its not always buffered/isolated from the
main reset line to the cpu/chipset so when it gets shorted to ground the MB stays in reset.

If you have another CPU, I would also try and swap that out if you can do it.  If the 12V portion
of your PSU blew but the 5V portion was still alive (a very unlikely but possible occurance) your
CPU fan could have stopped while the CPU was still running.  Of course that depends on if the
CPU stepdown regulator on the MB gets its power from the 5V, 3.3V or the 12V supply.  I am not
quite sure how they do it these days.


PS: unfortunately the KB leds blinking means nothing.  It just means the KB got power and reset itself.

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Mike Panetta wrote:
> Just out of curiosity, what kind of motherboard was it?

k7s5a from ECS.

> And do any
> of the caps around the CPU powersupply on the MB look like they are
> leaking?

No.  Inspection of the motherboard did not identify any apparent 
physically visible defects or failures.

until later, Geoffrey

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