[ale] lost a motherboard

Geoffrey esoteric at 3times25.net
Tue Feb 3 07:16:38 EST 2004

Walked out of the room with my primary box running.  Returned about 45 
minutes later and the monitors were dark.  Upon inspection, it appeared 
the box had shutdown.  Would not respond to the power switch.  I swapped 
the powersupply and life is returned to the cpu fan and I can hear the 
hard drivee spinning up, but still nothing to either monitor.  The 
keyboard leds do flash, but that's it.

I'm suspecting the motherboard is toast.  I guess that either the mb 
fried the powersupply or the powersupply fried the motherboard.

I'm likely to be out looking at replacing this motherboard at lunch, but 
any suggestions as to resurecting this box would be appreciated.

I did remove virtually all extraneous cards and hardware.  Substituted 
another video card, still no go.

No internal speaker on this box, so I don't know if there are any post 
beeps. :(

Input would be appreciated.

until later, Geoffrey

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