[ale] Questions on Linux software RAID

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Mon Feb 2 21:14:57 EST 2004

On Mon, Feb 02, 2004 at 08:46:39PM -0500, Robert L. Harris wrote:
> May I say I HATE 3ware Raid?  I have about 500 servers at work with
> Linux software RAID and 8 with 3ware hardware raid.  I have more
> problems with the 8 th?n the other 500.  (yes there really are that
> many in the field in production)

Now this is the first I've heard of someone dissing 3ware, so.. 
details, details?

What 3ware controllers, what array configuration (RAID0/1/5), how many 
disks, etc etc.. vs the typical configuration for your software RAID 
boxen.  And of course, define "problems"..  Hard drive failures don't 

For the record I have two 3ware arrays up and in production right now;
one is a 2x40 RAID1 on a 6200-series controller, and the other is a
5x120 RAID5 array on a 7506-series controller.   The latter's going to 
become 4x120 + 4x200 in the near future, because I need the space. 

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