[ale] A few questions for Evolution users

aaron aaron at pd.org
Mon Feb 2 20:36:30 EST 2004

On Monday 02 February 2004 15:22, John Wells wrote:
> On Mon, 02 Feb 2004 14:46:20 -0500
> Benjamin Scherrey <scherrey at proteus-tech.com> wrote:
> > What made you choose Sylpheed-claws over Kmail? I know nothing about it.
> Kmail couldn't handle moving mail to subdirectories of Inbox based
> on filters.  Other than that I liked it.

I've been using Kmail with lots of filtering and subdirectories for a couple 
of years now. While true that Kmail reserves the "inbox", "outbox", 
"sent-mail" and "trash" names as special Top Level directories that cannot 
have sub-dirs, it otherwise fully supports filtering to any other nested 
directory structure that the user may want to create.

I guess I'm confused as to where having the "Inbox" label reserved as single 
level directory is causing  a problem. ?:^<


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