[ale] A few questions for Evolution users

Benjamin Scherrey scherrey at proteus-tech.com
Mon Feb 2 14:46:46 EST 2004

I can't stand Evolution - don't understand what is so attractive about the Outlook interface. 
Presently my favorite linux email client is Kmail. Pretty powerful but I still don't get excited about it. 
What made you choose Sylpheed-claws over Kmail? I know nothing about it.


		Ben Scherrey

2/2/2004 12:22:12 PM, John Wells <jb at devsea.com> wrote:

>On 02 Feb 2004 11:03:29 -0500
>Doug McNash <dmcnash at charter.net> wrote:
>> If you find better info on how to do this I would be interested.
>Actually, I gave up on it.  I'm using sylpheed-claws...only client I've found that supports everything 
I desired well (tried Kmail and evolution).
>You should give it a go.
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