[ale] A few questions for Evolution users

Doug McNash dmcnash at charter.net
Mon Feb 2 11:05:06 EST 2004

On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 09:09, John Wells wrote:
> Guys,
> For those of you using Evolution, do you know how to:
> - Disable the default viewing of HTML messages.  In other words, I would
> always prefer to see plain text, but Evolution defaults to showing HTML
> versions of messages.

View->Message Display->Email Source (not optimal but does what you want)
but you have to do it with each folder.

> - Disable the preview pane across ALL folders.

View->Preview Pane (unchecked) but you have to do it with each folder
again as above.

I also disable image display and filter attachments with procmail.  I
have fetchmail/procmail/spamd retrieve my mail from multiple external
accounts.  Evolution gets mail from my intermediate pop server.  I never
see various attachments unless I decied to view the directory with my
collection of various windows viruses.

> - Set outgoing message priority (Urgent, etc)
> - Deny return receipt requests

Good questions, I'm stumped, doesn't look like you can control this from
evolution.  I suppose you could edit your headers in your Drafts folder
and add an Urgent! header and delay sending mail where you can delete
receipts but that pretty much negates the "ease of use" utility of using
a tool like evolution.  Likewise it doesn't look like you can request a
return-receipt or any special header either.

If you find better info on how to do this I would be interested.

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