[ale]OT It begins...

Jim Popovitch jimpop at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 1 22:30:21 EST 2004

On Sun, 2004-02-01 at 20:48, ChangingLINKS.com wrote:

> I think you are having a tough time acknowledging the facts:

LOL! (yet again)

> 1. We already seem to have the code on a mirror at "ike.room17.com/pipermail"

What you fail to understand (and this lack of understanding shows others
that you would rather bitch about something than try and help solve it)
is that pipermail is only alive because the Mailman team included it as
part of the Mailman package years ago.  Please, please go bug the
Mailman folks about it... their list is quiet this week and they need
another newbie to tell them how to improve their work. :)  

> 2. As I demonstrated, the archives of ale.org are ultra easy to harvest/slog.

You have demonstrated nothing new, and have only re-harvested and even
older thread whereby afterwards nothing was done.   Your point is valid,
there are email addresses in the archive (just as there are in every
other archive, masked or not) subject to being seen by others, and
nobody seems to care at least at the same levels that you care.  So,
either you are posting sooo much so that all spammers are targeting you
first, or your bark is louder than your need.

I offer you this bit of advice:  You knew what the Internet was before
you climbed onboard, you have no grounds now to complain about how
others use information (good or bad) that you have previously posted in
an open forum. :)

-Jim P.

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