[ale] How NOT to buy/sell a computer.

Randolph Wilson astro at rwizard.com
Sun Feb 1 22:23:26 EST 2004

I've been dealing with MicroCenter ever since the Marietta store opened 
12 or so years ago.  There are employees who have been at that store 
since it opened.  I have always found them to be excellent to deal 
with, but I have noticed some slippage recently.  To survive they have 
moved away from catering to the "pros" and more towards the "great 
unwashed".  The "new hires" have also been less than impressive.

The idiot factor is much higher at the Norcross store.  If you ever 
find yourself doing business with them again I recommend Marchond or 
Scott at the Marietta store.  There is also a gentleman named Bob 
(Burrus?) who transferred from Marietta to Norcross - he is also a long 
time employee.  None of these guys would have jerked you around that 
way.  Frank (manager of Marietta) isn't exactly mister personality, but 
I don't believe he'd have screwed around like that either.  Perhaps you 
could relate this adventure on one of those customer service cards they 
love to stick in the bag?

I too am willing to pay a little more to buy locally and get some 
service.  It is a shame that this approach doesn't bear much fruit 

On Feb 1, 2004, at 6:59 PM, Bob Toxen wrote:

> That's very disappointing.  I've had a buncha transactions with 
> MicroCenter
> (Gwinnett & Cobb) without the slightest problem.
> Certainly, paying by credit card (not debit card) allows one to get 
> one's
> money back from reluctant merchants.

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