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aaron aaron at pd.org
Fri Dec 24 03:43:31 EST 2004

Dear Ubuntu Linux:

I am an active member of a well recognized Linux user group in Atlanta, 
Georgia, USA. Several weeks ago I discovered and, based on your site 
information, recommended your Linux distro offerings in response to 
discussions of Linux "accessibility" features on the group's mailing list  
[archives and subscription available at <http://www.ale.org>]. 

Recently, on the same list, your distro was recommended by others as a good, 
user friendly desktop solution for new Linux users [full email below]. The 
"linux recommendations" thread renewed my curiosity, and I have downloaded 
the current Ubuntu distro with plans of doing some test installations soon. 
Unfortunately, the author of one of those recent recommendations also felt it 
necessary to accompany his positive technical review with unwarranted, 
politically motivated vilifications of your organization. In interests of 
open discourse and fairness, I am calling these comments to your attention, 
should you care to respond:

" The organization that sponsors Ubuntu is a pack of raging America 
hating liberals.  If that doesn't put you off I would recommend it.  I 
personally like my Linux ideology free. " 

I'm afraid this kind of hate mongering, brown shirt language is tragically and 
pathetically common to the fascist, neo-conservative, Pan-American movements 
currently being suffered in our formerly respectable country. The formulaic 
"liberal" bashing construct is  typical of the frequent, pre-packaged, 
exclusively partisan rants issued through supporters of the international 
terrorists who presently retain illegal control of our national government. 
On behalf of the globally respectful majority of American patriots (in whole) 
and the sane majority of Open Source community members in the Atlanta Linux 
Enthusiast group (in specific), I would like to offer our sincere apologies.

While the slander is innexcusable on principle alone, a detailed review of 
your site also failed to reveal any published comments or activities that 
might remotely rationalize this unfounded attack. The sad likelyhood is that 
the divisive, political harangue you suffered is an end product of the 
elitist, radical right wing propaganda machine that has been poisoning our 
national language and conscience through corporate financed media mills and 
"think tanks" for nearly 40 years now. By design, the most compliant victims 
of this incessant, insidious droning have become automated Pavlovian attack 
dogs, launching partisan, dogmatic, and reactionary hate rhetoric assaults 
when ever and where ever civic morality, civil liberty, respect for 
community, pursuit of peace or humanitarian ideals are being prooven, 
published or discussed.

We hope that you will forgive the unwarranted vilification of your admirable 
Open Source endeavors from within a kindred community, and will also try to 
understand the true source and motivation of such fascist political attacks.  
Like AIDS victims, most of the radical minority of Americans who spread this 
disease of nationalist arrogance are not even aware of their deadly illness. 
While opinion polls indicate that some 80% of the informed global community 
shares our majority disdain of an arrogant, totalitarian and imperialist 
regime, we hope that you also share the common sense not to confuse evil 
heads of state with the innocent peoples corrupted by them, forced to endure 
them, or murdered because of them.

For myself, I admire your organization's philosophical foundations and feel 
you have chosen a highly appropriate, definitive and representative banner 
for a GNU Open Source Linux distribution. I hope your group and affiliates 
will continue to openly acknowledge commitment to community as the integral 
foundation of all worthwhile, uplifting and spiritually fulfilling human 

(Because the only respectable nation is a nation at peace.)

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Subject: Re: [ale] linux recommendations
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 16:57:15 -0500
From: Mark Wright <mpwright at speedfactory.net>
To: Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts <ale at ale.org>

I second that recommendation.

  I have been very impressed with Ubuntu.  It is based on Debian and 
uses apt which I think is great.  I haven't used too many of the latest 
distros as a desktop (the last was FC2 and I use mandrake 9.2 at 
home... should upgrade) but I like the way it works with USB memory and 
disks.  I have to su umount to get rid of a USB key device on Mandrake 
and had the same problem on FC2.  You don't want to have to explain how 
to enter a root command in a terminal over the phone if you don't have 
to.  :-)

The organization that sponsors Ubuntu is a pack of raging America 
hating liberals.  If that doesn't put you off I would recommend it.  I 
personally like my Linux ideology free.

I have several extra copies of their disto package.  I'll mail you a 
copy if you like.


On Dec 22, 2004, at 11:54 AM, Kevin Carstensen wrote:
>   You could show them Ubuntu.  Once they're used to it at home they
> can have a LiveCD to take the linux they know with them to use and
> show.  Nice clean Debian system.  It's "hip" too, I think young people
> would like it.
> -- kevin
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