[ale] 4 old PC's need a good home

Greg runman at speedfactory.net
Mon Dec 20 16:12:24 EST 2004

Season's Greetings, one and all:

	I am cleaning up my office (finally) and getting rid of 4 old (well - old
to me) PC's.  All are desktop models and there are 3 P100 / P133 's and an
old 486.  There is one Zenith, 2 Dells, and a Compaq.  I have used them as
firewalls (Smoothwall, OpenBSD, and m0n0wall firewalls mainly), web servers,
ftp servers, and yes, even as a mail server for my home network.  There is 1
hard drive (850 M) among all of them, all have working CPU's, all have NIC's
in them (ISA cards), and they all boot up fine.  All have either onboard
video or a card.  If anyone wants one they are here for the taking.  If they
aren't gone by next week I will have to throw them out to someone who
disposes of PC's (FreeBytes still does this I think).

	They comprised my first network - some bought cheap and some rescued from a
former employer's dumpster after work.  If someone wants to learn networking
cheaply or play assembler programmer on one (or all !) they would do fine.
And no, Windows XP won't run on them, but I have ran plenty of Linux's and
BSD's on them.  I live in Kennesaw - about a mile and a half from the uni.

	Let the free-stuff-feeding-frenzy begin ...


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