[ale] Success with HP built in wireless

Jim jwl at sgi.com
Wed Dec 8 21:43:32 EST 2004

I have it finally working on SUSE 9.?  I was completely unable to get it 
working via /etc/init.d/network so I have a small script in my home 
directory that I have to run as root.  It does the following (from memory)

rmmod ndiswrapper
ndiswrapper -l
insmod ndiswrapper
sleep 1
/etc/init.d/network restart

For some reason putting the insmod or modprobe anywhere in the startup 
doesn't work.  In fact if you leave out the ndiswrapper -l from the 
script it doesn't work.  Stupid computer.  :-)

BruceG wrote:

>On Tuesday 07 December 2004 09:48, Philip Polstra wrote:
>>I finally was successful with my HP laptop and linux using my wireless
>>card.  I had to go to FC3 and NDISWrapper 0.12.  I still have one
>>strange problem.  Occassionally the card will become inactive and I
>>have to reactivate it then it works fine again.  It might be related
>>to power management, but I have the power management feature off in
>>the wireless setup.
>Thanks for the heads-up. I'm trying to get wireless working with SuSE 9.1 Pro 
>and a Linksys WPC54G card. So far no luck with the ndiswrapper 0.6 included 
>w/ SuSE 9.1. Looks like I need to go to a newer version.
>Any SuSE folks out there with pointers specific to ndiswrapper 0.11 and SuSE 
>9.1 Pro? Right now the HP Pavillion is working using it's Ethernet port, but 
>wireless but be fun. 
>As a side note, I decided not to spend any more time trying to "fix" the WinXP 
>side of the dual-boot. It won't start up, won't boot in safe mode, won't boot 
>to a command prompt, won't let me do a new install with WinXP Upgrade CD 
>new-in-box as of yesterday afternoon, won't let me do a downgrade to Win98SE 
>- think I'll just get wireless working and leave WinXP out of the picture. I 
>HATE Microsoft.
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