[ale] Debian 2.6.8/Plextor dvd help please

Jim Seymour bluejay at speedfactory.net
Wed Dec 8 13:39:24 EST 2004

On Tue, Dec 07, 2004 at 02:32:50PM -0500, Jim Seymour wrote:
> Now we seem to be getting somewhere. After modprobing ide-disk and
> ide_cd I now have in car /proc/ide/drivers:
> nuthatch:/home/jim# cat /proc/ide/drivers
> ide-cdrom version 4.61
> ide-disk version 1.18
> Running out of time for today. Still not accessing the dvd drive but
> will work on it more later.

Hi Again,

Still no luck finding the dvd drive. Would posting cat /proc/modules
help? Maybe there is still a module missing that I have not tried. This
was basically an all scsi system until I added the dvd drive.


Jim Seymour

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