[ale] Earthlink vs. Send Mail

Mike Terzo mterzo at mindspring.net
Thu Dec 2 14:52:52 EST 2004

Earthlink, blocks outgoing SMTP.  You can use your local sendmail server 
if you like, but you will have to configure it to use a smart relay to 
send it to an earthlink smtp server.

in your sendmail.cf add

It's been a while since I've used my own smtp, but you should have no 
problem with incoming connections to that port, so you should be able to 
receive mail just fine.

--mike terzo

Nathan J. Underwood wrote:

> For the record, I love Speedfactory.  I *have* had some problems (see 
> the previous post about the mysterious dropped connection on Fridays 
> thing, but it's since stopped happening).
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> Sean Kilpatrick wrote:
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>> On Thursday 02 December 2004 01:10 pm, Oysgelt, Moisey G [IBM 
>> Contractor for Sprint] wrote:
>> | Is there a way to configure Send Mail to accept my credentials and use
>> | it as my local mail server? 
>> To the best of my knowledge, Earthlink only permits PPoE connections
>> and does not allow you to use your own box as a mail server.
>> And don't waste your time with their "technical" support. That call
>> center is now located outside Manilla and those folks don't know a
>> pop mail server from a lollipop. I believe both Speakeasy and 
>> Speedfactory are willing to sell you
>> a static IP address, and do not block port 25. They are charging a
>> buck or two more than Earthlink does for PPPoE.
>> Sean
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