[ale] Serial ATA

Emil P. Man mailinglists at synban.com
Thu Aug 19 02:04:58 EDT 2004

Geoffrey wrote:

> Christopher Fowler wrote:
>> The new machines I'm getting come with IDE and SATA.  Up to now I've
>> been using IDE.  Whould I consider a switch to SATA?  Is it stable?  I'm
>> using FC2 on these new machines.
> No personal experience, but I would say it must be stable for Linux as 
> Monarch computers uses SATA in their Linux boxes.  You might have some 
> issues with the right controller, so you might check out the mb they use.
Just bought a Seagate Sata HDD and I am using it on an ASRock 
Motherboard with Sata on board. Works perfectly with suse 9.0.
Sata is also faster than IDE. Good linux support under 2.6.x kernel. 2.4 
on the other hand I don't know. I read recently that they have been 
working on 2.4 sata support for linux, however I don't know if its in 
the kernel tree or not. Probably is by now though.

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