[ale] Re: If you're on Bellsouth DSL, I recommend changing providers.

Joe Knapka jknapka at kneuro.net
Thu Aug 19 01:19:18 EDT 2004

Fletch <fletch at phydeaux.org> writes:

> >>>>> "Pete" == Pete Hardie <pete.hardie at sciatl.com> writes:
>     Pete> Minor correction - use GPG for everything, that way they
>     Pete> can't tell if any particular message is important.
> True, but you're still vulnerable to traffic analysis (c.f. mentions
> of "increased chatter").  The truly paranoid would use something like
> mixmaster and/or a constant flow of messages of the same length.

...To a selection of addresses chosen more-or-less at random....
Kind of like, well, spam.  Steganography in spam, anyone?

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