[ale] Astaro Linux

Matthew Magee mnmagee at juno.com
Tue Aug 17 22:29:38 EDT 2004

Greg wrote:

>Hello, all;
>Does anyone have any experience with this semi-linux-firewall-thingy distro
>How about IPCOP ???
>I have used Smoothwall for awhile as one of my firewalls and it hates PPPOE
>(or at least in my house).  I tried m0n0wall and it won't install to the
>point of getting to the web pages - as well as not liking older machines (or
>at least in my house).  If anyone else has any comments/experience with any
>other security distros then I would appreciate it also.
>If Astaro doesn't work then I guess I'll just use FreeBSD or Debian or
>Slackware (since the other f/w is OpenBSD).
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>Ale at ale.org
I have used Smoothwall, IPCOP, and Freesco with some success on a 
dial-up line.  IPCOP is nearly the same as Smoothwall.  Freesco is tiny 
but functional (for me).  In the end, the right one for you will have 
the configuration and logging features you want, as they are all 
*basically* the same under the hood,  all being Linux.

I have not used any of these with PPOE, so I can't help you there.

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