[ale] OT Sun "panther" board

Mike Panetta ahuitzot at mindspring.com
Mon Aug 16 16:01:24 EDT 2004

For the sun thing you need a special converter that costs around $100.  I have not seen one for less...
I thought about trying to make one with a small MCU (an AVR) but I do not know where to get the specs
on a sun 5 keyboard, and a table of keycodes so I can translate to them from AT/PS2 keyboard scan
codes.  Anyone have an idea on that one?

As for pentium pros, I do not think they are worth anything in any configuration :P.


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I didn't power this up due to fear of short-term frustration\spite. Because I couldn't plug in PS/2. Should I be unable to find Sun input devices can I route wires from PS/2 compats or is it controller-chip Babylonian (to, looks like busmouse plug?) I was thinking I'll eventually answer this, but now it has reversed again.

Not to waste an additional posting, does anyone think Pentium Pros (via Dell, simm RAM,) are worth anything ~$6.00 in a non-SMP setup? These things maybe have the L1 Cache run fast. I really shouldn't be marketing this box before seeing if I like it, but I suspect I have a latent fear of entering my room. I was hoping the like-branded power supply would number the same in pins. (Normally, I intend to hold such investments for the subsequent windfall.)

Did anyone break their ThinkPad 600 HPA screen? (If your bezel on the left is < 3/8 Inch this isn't you.) Hey- It's my day off- either this or go to GA state to sign up for "We really are Useful, In Demand, and Authority" classes.

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