[ale] OT: Linksys WRT54G vs. WRT54GS

John Wells jb at sourceillustrated.com
Mon Aug 16 11:18:09 EDT 2004

Went to Best Buy last night and picked up a WRT54G to play with...very
interested in installing one of the various Linux mini-distros on it and
seeing what it can do.

However, in addition to the WRT54G, Best Buy had the WRT54GS, which
*appears* to be a WRT54G with an additional technology called

I bought the WRT54G, but am considering returning and getting the WRT54GS,
if all it is is a repackaged WRT54G with new firmware.

Does anyone have the dirt on the WRT54GS?  I've learned with Linksys that
one can never assume anything from the product code...they change chipsets
and internals quite a bit behind the scenes.  Also, is there any benefit
to owning the WRT54GS if you don't have other Speedbooster capable
devices?  The box states there is, but I'm doubtful.

Any info you can provide will be appreciated.


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