[ale] Fedora Core 2 Question

Irv Mullins irvm at ellijay.com
Wed Aug 4 11:39:16 EDT 2004

On Wednesday 04 August 2004 09:42, lisk at mindspring.com wrote:
> I'm more of a hobbyist when it come to Linux than a system administrator
> type.  I have a dual boot system using GRUB to boot to either Windows 98se,
> the default choice (because the rest of my family insists) or Fedora Core
> 1.  I'm trying to upgrade to Fedora Core 2 using CD's with the iso images
> downloaded from Redhat.com/fedora.  My problem is that even though I have
> set my computer's BIOS to boot from the CD, it seems to bypass the CD and
> go to GRUB and from there I have to either boot to W-98 or Fedora Core 1.

Related or not? I bought Fedora Core 2 from Cheapbytes.
Disk One will not boot. Disk Two does, then you have to insert disk 1 to 
continue the install. 


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