[ale] OT: Well it is going to hit the list sooner or later.

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> My interpretation of the SAGE code of ethics is the 
> following: I do not read people's emails, even tho it is 
> within my power.  I do not spy on people, even tho it is 
> within my power and in many cases may prove their misdeeds.  
> I do not collect data on people's misdeeds even tho these 
> people may be harming me on the job.  I do not make these 
> decisions.  I just run the server.

Amen. As usual, Jenn is spot on. Dear God we need more like her in this
profession! Folks, regardless of how we've been conditioned by our peers and
our own egos to feel, we are barely one step up from the position of
Janitor. We are not any more important in the grand scheme of things than
the Maytag man. It's just that our appliance is buggy, unreliable, requires
trained operators most of the time, and for some strange reason...people
accept this as normal and agree to keep us on site. The minute you hop into
the saddle of the tall horse, you set yourself up for a rough ride. Most
companies have no use for uppity janitors. An appliance repair man that
comes into a home, spots a dime bag on the coffee table and dials 911 is not
likely to stay in business long. The same rules apply to us.

Had I been in charge of the department mentioned, both the sysadmin and his
boss would have been terminated. One for wasting time and money, the other
for being a backstabbing, uppity, overly ambitious, jerk off. Cause we all
know that he probably was bucking for his boss' job.

Jonathan "Humble Pie" Rickman

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