[ale] quick, simple backup

Irv Mullins irvm at ellijay.com
Fri May 23 15:42:44 EDT 2003

On Friday 23 May 2003 12:01 pm,  Jerry wrote:
> I'd go with CD-RW. You can add  one session to the CD-RW media for
> a daily back-ups. Four or 5 CD-RW media cover one-month
> worth of backups. After one-month, you start to reuse 1st CD-RW then the
> 2nd in the CDRW set.  Do the same multi-session for weekly or monthly
> backup, only this time on  a CD-R media.
> This scheme is pretty  scalable too, considering the
> current backup is 100MB vs a cdrw media of 700M.

I have clients doing backups this way. One CD per week, take it home on 
Friday, start a new one Monday.  Hang an old pc on the network to do the CD 
writing, or use the pc of that guy who always leaves work early  :)

Cheap, easy to store, and way more dependable than tape. 


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