To -> David Jackson Re: [ale] Is there anyone out there that fully understands the boot process ? If yes, please help...........

Courtney Thomas ccthomas at
Mon May 19 22:58:32 EDT 2003

I'd like to keep in touch with you on this 'til we "get it". I've been 
working on this for weeks and can't find anyone that has actually done 
it and can guide a successful effort. Plenty of nice folks that want to 
help though.

I've got a good bootdisk with proprietary drivers compiled in but can't 
get a ROOT floppy to work. After boot floppy asks that the root floppy 
be inserted into the drive, all seems well initially, until /proc gets 
mounted. Then the system hangs with no error message.

I agree the Bootdisk-HOWTO is entirely inadequate.

This is critical for me 'cause I've got an Oracle db running on this 
system and need I say more..........


Christopher Bergeron wrote:

> I have some questions about this also, if anyone has done it.  I've read 
> the bootdisk howto; but it's horribly outdated.  I'm just trying to 
> build my own distro (which I know is beyond the scope of this list 
> (well, not scope; but the practicality).  I've got a bootable cdrom, but 
> I'm not sure how to point it to the filesystem, and if I can put the 
> filesystem on the CD - I've been hearing that I have to make it a FAT 
> CD; but even if so, how do I point the kernel at it? /dev/hdc?  I have 
> ton's of questions about this, but if anyone is familiar with it and 
> could offer some pointers (even a general list of  'steps' that I could 
> followup with independently) I would be very appreciative.
> Best thanks,
> CB
> David S. Jackson wrote:
>> On Mon, May 19, 2003 at 10:52:08AM -0500 Courtney Thomas 
>> <ccthomas at> wrote:
>>> What I need is separate boot & root floppies [2] so I can configure 
>>> my rather baroque driver needs for the boot floppy, then simply have 
>>> the root floppy installed as /, i.e. as the only mounted filesystem 
>>> initially. And finally, can I then interact with some RedHat6.1 
>>> harddrives from this setup ?
>> Couple more thoughts:  1) There are bootable CDROM images out
>> there with live filesystems that might work out of the box with
>> your setup.
>> 2) Just browsing the Bootdisk HOWTO:  Looks like it describes and
>> explains exactly what you want to do (if I grok your intent, that
>> is.)
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