[ale] moving CD-ROM from master to slave

Jonathan Glass jonathan.glass at ibb.gatech.edu
Wed May 14 13:27:47 EDT 2003

Are you passing any options to your kernel at boot time? Check
/etc/lilo.conf or /etc/grub.conf,depending on which you use, and see if
you have anything indicating "hdc".

Check your modules.conf file, and see if anything shows up there.

Check your /etc/fstab file, and make sure the CDROM is right.

My guess is one of the first two, since you are getting kernel messages
about DMA settings.


Jonathan Glass

On Wed, 2003-05-14 at 13:11, Robert E. Karaffa, II wrote:
> hi folks,
>     I've been trying to find information about this and haven't come up with
> anything that makes sense.  Here's what I've done:
> -an old Gateway 200MHz Mandrake box.
> -originally had two hard drives and one CD-ROM
> -boot drive is 3Gb, master on IDE0
> -storage drive is 6Gb, slave on IDE0
> -CD-ROM is master on IDE1
> I added an 80Gb IDE drive to give us added storage capacity, and to improve
> performance (the initial Mandrake install I did was, well, not done as well
> as it could have been, like, /var didn't have its own partition, nor did
> /home, or /usr...geez...).
> so I put the 80Gb drive as master on IDE1, moved the CD-ROM to slave, and
> thought all was well.  Now, I'm seeing {Drive Not Ready}{Waiting for DMA}
> messages for hdc in dmesg and, of course, at bootup.
>     I've been trying to find out how the CD-ROM gets assigned its "hd"
> designation, since I've effectively moved it from hdc to hdd...correct?  and
> now, since hdc is a hard drive...well, fstab doesn't specify that the CD-ROM
> was hdc, although now hdc is the new 80Gb drive which holds /var and /home,
> and hdd should be the CD-ROM.
>     Can anyone straighten me out?
> -Bob K.
Jonathan Glass <jonathan.glass at ibb.gatech.edu>

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