[ale] Need an RPM clue

Michael D. Hirsch mhirsch at nubridges.com
Mon May 12 15:32:38 EDT 2003

On Monday 12 May 2003 10:29 am, Joseph Knapka wrote:
> Let me start by saying "Thanks, Jim."
> "James P. Kinney III" <jkinney at localnetsolutions.com> writes:
> > OK. The "found 0 source and 0 binary packages" hints that the packages
> > you have downloaded are corrupt or just blank. Redownload (or pull
> > them from rpmfind.net)
> I think there was some other problem, because the MD5s checked.
> [snip]
> > Also, you don't want to use the -F (freshen) flag since you are
> > installing the devel package set. An easy way to do the entire thing
> > is to download ALL the rpm for MySQL into an empty directory, cd to
> > that directory then run "rpm -Uvh *.rpm"
> That last suggestion did the trick. The only catch was, I had to
> totally uninstall the existing MySQL 3.23, which turned into
> a minor challenge:
> mysql-3.23 depends on perl-DBD-MySQL
> but
> perl-DBD-MySQL depends on mysql-3.23.
> How Microsoft-esque. But "rpm -e --nodeps" rescued me.

Once again, removing both at once would have solved your problem: 
   rpm -e mysql perl-DBD-MySQL

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