[ale] Position open in technical sales

Michael D. Hirsch mhirsch at nubridges.com
Wed May 7 17:16:18 EDT 2003

We (nubridges) have a semi-technical opening.  It is was I guess you might 
call a technical project manager/customer consultant.

Here's what we need: nuBridges is looking for someone that can

- work alongside Sales to perform pre and post sales technical consulting
- work with the customers in gathering requirements sufficient to produce 
our requirements specifications
 - perform customer project management (status reports, lane feedback)
 - perform internal project management (status reports, project scheduling, 
technical and functional task assignments, work with IS and development 
teams to remove roadblocks)
This person does NOT need to be a Java programmer.
This person does NOT need to be an architect, but they must be able to robe 
integration approaches based on the customer's applications, environment 
and current business processes.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, or send me a resume.


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