[ale] Inexpensive broadband recommendations

Mike Lockhart backpacker at hikers.net
Mon Feb 17 15:59:04 EST 2003

I get my cable tv / internet thru comcast for $40 and some change a
month, good service overall too.

On Mon, 2003-02-17 at 15:55, Douglas Bridges wrote:
> I am moving back to the Sandy Springs area and I was wondering if people had 
> recommendations for (relatively) inexpensive broadband connections.  I would 
> also like a good provider for TV services.   I am currently using Road Runner 
> cable service + TW digital cable in New York City, and that has been fine.  
> When I used to live in Atlanta, I had DirecTV for my TV service, and that 
> worked great as well.  I do live close enough to a Central Office for ADSL.
> I think that I could get my cable service through AT&T, but their service 
> seems quite expensive.  I could get DirecTV for my television and DSL for 
> broadband, but I don't know what DSL services work well in Atlanta, and who 
> is Linux friendly.  I don't really care about having a static address, just 
> good transfer rates and high reliability.
> Thanks,
> Doug Bridges
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