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Thu Jun 27 23:55:32 EDT 2002

The problem is which I really hate is that Companies get foreign workers
for cheaper rate and they pretty much bind them to work for them for less
wages.  There are things they won't mention b/c of lawsuits and such, but
usually employees with h-1 visas are scared to start a lawsuit, so they
shutup and work like slaves.  Hell, in the middle east, its the same.
Saudi Arabia gets majority of the workforce, infact 95% of the workforce
is filled with people from countries like india, phillipines etc. And
these people have to sign that they will not riot, work for the pay they
get etc.  Lot of number get good jobs, but there are majority of workers
who to do suck up and swallow their worth just to work, and take abuse
by the Saudi Owners.  And ironic thing, the unemployed Saudi population
is pissed b/c they can't find no jobs, at the same time, they are not
educated as the ( there are educated Saudis also, I giving the
big piture) foreigners who are working for them and helping build
the country, the real country builders are the foreigners.  I have to
say that b/c it in a way applies to this situation.  Its pretty much in a
way hired slave labor.

I am lucky to be an American, though my parents  are not native of this
country.  I have seen some h-1 workers having to  deal with crap. Give
them some slack.  Not everything is nitty gritty in  this world,
especially in this country, you guys know that too.  Infact, I
know quite a few H-1 workers who are not happy with everything, but they
have to do it b/c they signed the contract with the company.  The main
reason to me is that, everyone wants to dream the American dream.  This is
the land of the oppurtunity, it is how this great country was built, but
sadly for some people, they have to go through hell, just to have glimpse
of the dream.  So think about it, who is to blame and who is to not.  This
country was built by foreigners, what happened to the real natives of this
land, everybody seems to forget them...sigh..So every American should
enjoy the rights they have and the luxury they get.  This is one of the
best places in the world to be in.  Just imagine how hard it is for
foreigners to get access here and live here.  They have to go through
crap, and yes there are loop holes, and people who use loopholes, it is
not fair for anyone.  Come legally and work legally.  I am not going in
details, that will take forever.  Sorry I kinda out sidetracked.

I know it is not fair for the citizens of this country to not get jobs
because of foreigners, but it all comes to down to money.  When it comes
to money, companies forget where they are ..it is all about greed and
profit, just making one extra dollar is worth it to them.

Look at the car industry, Amercian car makers want to make cars elsewhere,
but they can't.  The amercian car worker at the factory makes a lot of
money compared to other workers in Mexico, China, etc other countries.  It
is very sad to see companies trying to save a penny and hiring people so
they can pay less and treat them like shit.

Same with programmers, they want programs made offshore.   Damn greedy
corporations.  I ain't movin, i am stayin in the good ole USA

Well those my quarters and cents...

Later everyone




I know I have fallacy in lot of the statements, I did not want to write a
huge email.  So deal with it...peace y'all

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