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The RedHat 7.2 XFS iso substitute CD is quite good. The only drawback to
using it there is no way to convert to or from XFS. It is only for new
installations only. It also requires a set of userspace tools to do
things like dump and restore (xfsdump, obviously).

It is quite robust. As an acid test, on a fresh install, I setup a large
file copy and pulled the power plug after it started. After the reboot
and log replay, the file copy completed intact. A diff showed to
discrepancies. XFS had buffered the entire process, the command and the
process status. As the log replay occurred, it it picked up where it
left off!

It was not all just rosy, though. I also had an event occur that froze
the system. Keyboard, network, all locked. So I power cycled the box.
The boot process hung when mounting fstab. I rebooted to single user
mode, or at least tried to. The prompt would appear then it would reboot
on its own. Then I discovered that Toms root/boot did not support XFS
(dumb admin me. Use a system with no emergency exit/entrance tools).
Something had scrambled the fstab in the crash. It took nearly 10 hours
to recover (new boot HD, new install of XFS system, repair old stuff,
reboot system with additional hard drive). I don't know if this was XFS
related. I was not accessing the fstab file when the lock-up occurred. 

On Wed, 2002-06-26 at 02:28, aaron wrote:
> The Open XFS site lists a RedHat 7.2 ISO, but I'm not sure want muck 
> about with my low level file systems for this one non-critical feature.  
> I think I'll wait for XFS to just gain a little broader acceptance and 
> try it out the next time I do a distro update.

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