[ale] More on Dell support

Eater admin at shaolinuxtemple.org
Fri Jun 14 17:07:54 EDT 2002

On Friday 14 June 2002 04:56 pm, Geoffrey wrote:
> Hey, go to http://www.dell.com and select support.  You can browse the
> dell site all you want, but select support requires you log in, via the
> tag number or a password/email.  AGain using either Mozilla or Netscape
> 4.7? I get the 'unsupported OS/browser'

This is based on the ID string your browser sends.  Most Linux browsers have 
the option of "impersonating" a different browser, based on which site your 
are viewing.  Under Konqueror (my browser) this is under the "User Agent" 
settings in the Configuration dialog box.  I believe there's a similar option 
in Mozilla.

Most sites with this silly restriction work just fine using Konqueror, once 
this impersonation is in effect.



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