[ale] inventing the future: university vs corp

Bao C. Ha baoha at sensoria.com
Wed Apr 3 17:54:27 EST 2002

Hi Chris,

I am thinking more of other achievements of Bell Labs.  They
discovered the transistor which has propeled us into the
information revolution of the later half of the 20th century.


> > If AT&T had their choice, Unix would have been destroyed in middle
> > of the '80.  Their commercialization of Unix had been a total
> > disaster due to corporate greeds.  It is still mind-boggling how
> > such a premier corporate research institution like Bell Labs ended
> > up to be Lucent.  IBM's Thomas J. Watson research center is still
> > pumping out advances despite all of the ups and downs.
> Why blame them?  Years later UNIX has proven to be far superior than
> any other solution.  Right?  :)

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