[ale] Lions Commentary on V6

Joe Morris jolomo at olagrande.net
Tue Oct 23 13:22:35 EDT 2001

Not so long ago Transam wrote:
> Unix did not yet run on the PDP-11/70.  One of Ken's projects while on
> Sabbatical at Berkeley was to port V6 to the PDP-11/70.  His other main
> project was to create Berkeley's EXCELLENT Operating Systems class, CS155.
> I took it the following year when Bill Joy arrived, after Ken went back
> to Bell Labs.

By chance, I'm reading _Sunburst_ and on P.96 they mention Joy taking
a class taught by Dave Patterson.  Is this the same class?

[other very interesting stuff snipped]

> Over time all of the original Bell Labs code was eliminated from the
> Berkeley version of UNIX.  AT&T's lawyers didn't like others not paying

That's one of the funniest things about Unix-like things over the years....
duplication of effort. How often has the same system-call or editor or
window manager been re-written. Too bad we can't retain all these
tries as institutional knowledge.


> of Unix and thus hatched Winbloz).  Anyway, BSDI (created by Bill Jolitz,
> a classmate of mine there) was marketing and supporting Berkeley Unix
> when AT&T's lawyers aimed their big guns at BSDI and fired in Federal court
> for illegal use of the source code.

I noticed that Peer-to-Peer press is printing all (6?) of Jolitz's books
of commentary on BSD kernel code.

I had looked a little through Lion's commentary.... anybody know the origin
of the name of the function "estabur()"?  And one more.....
the origin of the name "channel", as in wchan?

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