[ale] vpn

Christopher Bergeron christopher at bergeron.com
Wed Oct 17 18:19:31 EDT 2001

Am I correct in beliveing that I can just setup 2 linux boxen (one local,
one remote), setup ipchains or iptables or whatever, and use ssh to tunnel
all my traffic between the 2 securely (aside from the most recent ssh vuln)?
I have some win clients on both sides, but couldn't I just forward
everything across the secure wire?  I hate supporting windows (because I
don't know how it works as well as i do linux).  I've got a samba PDC setup
too.  Will windows be able to do it's silly little SMB stuff over ssh?
Would I have to use ppp over ssh or something?  I'm new to vpn stuff, so any
insights would be appreciated greatly (my brain is fried from long day at


i got a job, thanks to everyone
on the list whom gave me leads.

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