[ale] /etc conclusion

Michael Golden naugrimk at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 17 12:47:31 EDT 2001

After trying for at least an hour to recover the system, I decided it was 
hopeless and that it could use a rebuild because of all the stuff I have 
installed from third party sources it needed to be cleaned up anyway. So, I 
backed up everything I could, made a list of other stuff so I could get new 
copies, and then reinstalled. Mandrake's installer is pretty but it doesn't 
work right. It seemed buggy and it didn't configure X or sound properly so I 
had to do that manually. But I think I've got most of it back up now and I've 
been able to talk myself into switching some of the stuff I had done as root 
to a normal user like I should have done before but I was to lazy to copy 
configuration and stuff over. So, it is probably overall a good  thing even 
though it sucked. I've definitely learned some good stuff from the tips I've 
been given though.

Thanks so much!

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