[ale] Sound driver question

Dow Hurst dhurst at kennesaw.edu
Mon Oct 15 16:48:16 EDT 2001

Looking for juice on a new motherboard with integrated sound that isn't
recognized by SuSE's Yast2 under 7.1 and Alsa when trying to configure. 
Has anyone run into this problem before and has this been solved in
possibly Redhat's latest or SuSE's latest distro?  I went looking and
found that RealTek (Avance) has gotten the ALC300 incorporated into the
OSS package, however, I have never used OSS.  I can ask OSS about the
ALC100 chipset, but would like opinions on the package from ALE'rs
before plunking down the money.  Thanks,

Possible solution from Realtek ftp site but not ALC100 specific:

http://www.opensound.com has ALC300 listed.

SuSE 7.1 w/patches
SoundChipSet=  RealTek ALC100, AC97 2.1 specification compliant
Motherboard =  Amptron K7-817LM

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