[ale] Mylex Controller story ending

Keith Hopkins hne at inetnow.net
Tue Oct 9 12:43:05 EDT 2001

On some related ramblings...and since SW RAID didn't look like a whole lot of fun to me either, has anyone compared the performance you get between SW Raid (Striping) vs LVM Striping?

Lost in Tokyo,

P.S.  So Matt, gonna be using that Mylex card?

Matt Shade wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Well, many thanks to Steve Duchene for his VaLinux isos and to Dow Hurst 
> for burning them for me. I appreciate your efforts, but after a lot more 
> reading, testing, installing, regenning kernels, etc., it all came back 
> to reading one of the first docs line by line. Somehow I skipped right 
> over the required firmware revision level line. I had assumed I might 
> not have a high enough revision (2.47), so I downloaded the latest for 
> my card (2.73) from Mylex. After continued banging of my head, I read 
> the part that says "2.xx will not work"!! To go to the 3.xx and 4.xx 
> revision levels, I would need to find a new ROM.  No joy.
> So I said the hell with it. These are scsi disks, right? Let's just 
> bypass the controller. So after rearranging the cdrom and tape drive, 
> and fiddling with the cables, we're now off the dangling ide drive and 
> installing onto the scsi drives. While having hardware raid was a cool 
> thought, none of these machines lined up in this room are mission 
> critical. Plus, I can use software raid, should I choose to go that route.
> Thanks all,
> Matt (off to see if the 586/200 has a burned out moboard or 
> processor...fun!)

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