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Greg Sabino Mullane greg at turnstep.com
Mon Oct 8 06:25:52 EDT 2001

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> Could someone please send me as complete as possible a copy
> of this spam which appeared on ALE? I need the full headers if
> possible. I have asked the managers of alum.mit.edu to look
> into it, but I don't have a specimen to send them. 

Unfortunately, the headers seem to have been stripped off by the 
server that runs the mailing list, so you will not be able to get 
very far in figuring out where the spam came from. This stripping 
of headers is a very, very bad practice, and I highly urge the 
list admins to restore the headers as soon as possible. I myself 
personally report every spam sent to the mailing lists I am on, 
by parsing the headers and many other means. I hope this is just 
a temporary glitch as the mailing list is moving to a new sever 
or software. I hate to see spammers supported in any way 
whatsoever, and stripping the headers of incoming ale mail is 
certainly one way of supporting them by making the reporting 
of the spammers much harder.

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