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Not to start a fight, but if you read that entire page, Apache outranks
IIS in the number of hosts, not the number of machines running the

Quote from the page:
"Microsoft Windows has a significantly higher share of the web when one
counts by computer, rather than by host, as in the conventional Web
Server Survey. The survey shows 49.6% of the computers running the web
are Windows based. As some of the 3% of computers not identified by the
Netcraft operating system detector will in reality be Windows systems,
despite some uncertainty due to the survey's error margins, it would be
fair to say half of public Web Servers world-wide are run on Microsoft
operating systems. Although Apache runs more sites than Windows, Apache
is heavily deployed at hosting companies and ISPs who strive to run as
many sites as possible on a single computer to save costs. Windows is
most popular with end-user and self hosted sites, where the host to
computer ratio is much smaller."

So, it depends on how you count it.


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"Eichler, Paula J." wrote:
> Question:  Microsoft defenders in these types of articles like to say
> the problem is that hackers attack IIS because it is so popular.
Maybe I
> misread something, but isn't Apache installed on more web servers than
> other?  That would pretty much negate that argument, n'est pas?
Unless they
> are counting the "web servers" that are installed inadvertantly with
> applications ...pj

According to http://www.netcraft.com/survey/ Apache carries 60% of the
market, with IIS a distant second at 27%.  So you are correct, Apache is
much more abundant.

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