[ale] Linux and Sun

Fletch fletch at phydeaux.org
Fri Nov 30 10:05:52 EST 2001

>>>>> "Matt" == Matt Balaun <sdaemon at shaftnet.org> writes:


    Matt> You *can* run linux on a sparc, but you'll get better
    Matt> performance running Solaris/SunOS on it.  Last time I
    Matt> checked, Linux just wasn't delivering the same level of
    Matt> performance as Solaris when run on Sparc hardware.  This
    Matt> was, however, on a Sparcstation 10.  Your mileage may vary
    Matt> on more recent hardware.

        You'll probably find that newer SunOS versions will perform
better on newer hardware than Linux will.  Conversely, Linux will 
probably do better on older hardware (IPX, IPC, SS5) than the latest
Solaris (which can be a bit more demanding in its resource needs).

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