[ale] top selling points for linux...? [anti-flame]

hirsch at zapmedia.com hirsch at zapmedia.com
Mon Nov 26 04:25:25 EST 2001

Jeff Layton writes:

 > Also, Linux is very happy with hardware Windows would choke on. This
 > is primarily low-end machines, but the ability to take an older desktop and
 > use it for a mail server for a department, or a DNS slave, or a print server,

A similar point is that you won't lose support for your hardware as it
ages.  When a company stops selling a product it has little incentive
to keep developeing new drivers for it.  The company $$ are better
spent developing drivers for the hardware that is generating income,
so when Microsoft comes out with a new version of Windows, support is
likely lost.  

With Linux supported hardware, there is no profit motive.  Each
version of the kernel supports more hardware than the previous
version.  And, with open source, if necessary you can support it
yourself or pay someone else to do it.


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