[ale] Sound Blaster 16 recognized as Ensoniq card

Keith Hopkins hne at inetnow.net
Mon Nov 19 17:01:53 EST 2001

Sheahan, John (PCLN-NW) wrote:

> Paul,
> First of all, thanks for taking the time to help me. I ran the "modprobe
> es1371" command and it returned with no errors but it didn't help. I already
> edited /etc/modules file to say:
> 	alias sound-slot-0 es1371
> but that didn't help. 

You said Sound Blaster 16, right?  This is an old ISA card, not a PCI card, right?
If it is ISA, try running /sbin/pnpdump and see if it find it.  If it does, you'll need to configure it in /etc/isapnp.conf.   (at this point, man pages are your friends)
If it really is PCI, then Steve's suggestions with dmesg/lspci are the way to go.

Lost in Tokyo,

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