[ale] OT: A question

Geoffrey esoteric at denali.atlnet.com
Sun Nov 18 17:11:58 EST 2001

> Scott Harris wrote:
> What is the lifespan of a CR-W suppose to be? Ive had mine for about 2
> years now and it doesnt write anymore. It only reads. Ive heard others
> say they have had similar problems with theirs doing the same thing
> after about 2 yrs. Anyone else having this "force of hardware upgrade"
> problem?

I've been having problems with mine of late.  Causes a kernel panic,
which is quite ugly.  I'm going to guess it's about 2 years old, but
I've not burned a lot on it either.  I'm going to pull it out of this
box and stick it in another running a different kernel and dist to see
if it has something to do with either of those issues.

> Scott

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