[ale] Red Hat 7.2 trouble

John J. Cruz casacruz at bellatlantic.net
Mon Nov 12 18:53:22 EST 2001

Those who have installed rh 7.2 have you had any problems with not being
able to play music CDs or the printers printing enlarged images.  I have
exhausted every possible solutions to no avail (I'm quite sure that it
is not the audio cable between the CD-R/W drive and the on board audio
chip) to get music CD  to play and same scenario for the printers.

RH 7.2 is a complete install from the version of rh 6.2 that I had
previously.  With 6.2 all work find but now  ... ?????????????

I'm beginning to dislike 7.2 too many GUIs and I don't know where all
the config files are.  Where is my lilo?


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