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Mark Hurley debian4tux at telocity.com
Mon Nov 12 01:43:11 EST 2001

On Mon, Nov 12, 2001 at 01:08:26AM -0500, Matt Shade wrote:
> It just KILLS me how people can ask questions with so little information. I
> know there are FAQs out there for this (whatever it is). My question is, can
> we add a header or footer that points to some specific starting point of
> information? Half (or more) of the questions asked here can be answered
> through FAQs... I'll have to agree that there are WAY too may "starting
> points" for info, but is there one we can agree on that is a good start?
> Is there a really good place to start for answers? I have so many links, I'm
> not sure what my answer would be. But I thik as a whole, there can be a good
> link to point to.
> I'm sure this has come up before. Let's do something this time.

IMHO...FAQ's simply don't work.  People will not read a FAQ.  You have
to keep them updated.  Can lead 'em to the water, but not make anyone
drink....etc...Besides with today's search engines...who really 
needs a FAQ. ;)

Incase anyone is listening...Matt is right...there is soooo much
information out there...it's amazing.  LinuxDoc.org is another great

Of course none of us know everything, that is why I try to answer what
I can.

My favorite place is google...for it is the creme de la creme!


Mark Hurley

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