[snafuu] Re: [ale] route to wm.themes.org

Joseph A. Knapka jknapka at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 30 23:20:55 EDT 2001

Phrostie wrote:
> wasn't there some kind of problem with the default setting on the 2.4 kernel
> and one of the new protocalls?
> how could i verify this?
> i'm still running 2.2 at home but i'm not sure about my isp(www.planters.net)

Explicit Congestion Notification. Turn it off in your kernel config,
or I think there's a way to change it at runtime (I'm not running
2.4, so I don't know for sure).

-- Joe
>  On Sun, 29 Apr 2001, Jeff Hubbs wrote:
> > I don't think the problem is just you.  I have been having problems getting to
> > some sites for the past few days (www.fenderrhodes.org in particular) but things
> > seem to have started clearing up today.  Maybe a big routing or DNS burp.
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