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Brandon Hall brandon.hall at alumni.duke.edu
Wed Apr 25 14:32:10 EDT 2001

haven't tried this out yet, but hopefully it will help me with the issue I 
posted here two days ago...

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Subject: support for Debian [Incident:trelos 010424-000036]
From: support at netraverse.com
To: ale at ale.org

Thank you for trying Win4Lin! While we do not officially support
installation of Win4Lin under Debian, we do have a lot of customers who
run Win4Lin under Debian. We also offer an FAQ for installing Win4Lin
under Debian:

Title: Installing Win4Lin RPM with Debian deb and dpkg

The most common problem with installing under Debian (when converting the
rpm to a deb via alien) is failing to run the
/opt/win4lin/postinst_rpm.sh script after installing the new debian
package. This script needs to be run in order to set up some things
Win4Lin needs to install Windows. Try running this script and see if it
helps your problem.

Also, you can load the Windows CD and install a personal copy of Windows
from the command line using the 'loadwindowsCD' and 'installwindows'
commands. These commands bypass the GUI and some customers who have had
problems with the GUI have found that these commands work well for them.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments.

Amanda Owens
NeTraverse Support

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