[ale] Anyone built Source-Navigator 5.0 from RH tarball?

John Mills john at mills-atl.com
Tue Apr 24 07:50:37 EDT 2001

ALErs -

I downloaded the SN50-010322-source.tar.gz source archive from the
'sources.redhat.com' links, and am having some trouble building.

In unpacked with "zcat <tarball> |tar xvf - " and renamed the results from
"/usr/src/source" to something a bit more informative, then backed off to
a "/tmp/build" directory where I attempted the usual "configure"/"make"
process. First off, I had to configure twice to get the top-level
'Makefile', then I ran 'make' which is probably not the best target. It
built a lot of stuff, then failed on a missing library target. (Sorry - I
trashed the log, but basically I don't think I'm starting from a healthy
source tree.)

The top-level README references an INSTALL directory I didn't get. The web
manual instructs me to configure from a <something>/devo directory, which
I also didn't get. Dropping to the 'snavigator' subdirectory, the contents
of 'NEWS' and 'README' are "NEWS" and "README" respectively. &8-P] The
zipped tarball is pretty porky [15566288 bytes!] and includes things like
itcl, libgui, tcl, tk, ... which I may or may not need.

Anyone managed to build this blivvit?

Regards -
 John Mills

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