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Chris Fowler ChrisF at computone.com
Thu Apr 19 13:40:40 EDT 2001

It would be nice.  I remember many moons ago how I used to connect to effnet and listen on #linux for hours.  Now, if I can even find

a server to connect to, #linux is invite only.  It has changed into the group that #unix was when #linux was new.  But, my favorite

used to be #warez to #warez10, haha!


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Speaking AGAIN of IRC, I'm surprised there's no irc.ale.org yet. =)


> Speaking oif IRC,  Are there any *goof* telnet and serial BBS
> applications I can run.  Can I still use Fidonet?
> Chris
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> Greetings all.  I have kind of a different question for you all.
> I am running Linux on one box and will be running Solaris8 (x86) on
> another. Between the two, I am hoping to create an IRC server for a
> small net.  
> 1 - What's the process for getting the perms and such for one?
> 2 - Is there a good HOW-TO page on how to setup that on either Linux or
> Solaris?
> 3 - Has anyone out there had that experience that they can help me?
> TIA.
> Izzie

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