[ale] MS up to it again.

Dan Newcombe Newcombe at mordor.clayton.edu
Thu Apr 12 13:02:42 EDT 2001

Okay...rude mode on.

On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Robert L. Harris wrote:
>   Anyone see the link on slashdot about MS, WindowsXP and MP3 files?

Hmmm...what does this have to do with Linux?  I suppose remotely mp3's can
be played on Linux, but still...we don't need people posting every
"headline" from /. here.  Perhaps if /. had something interesting instead
of rants and raves...but that's another issue.

> Microsoft and RealNetworks have decided they don't like MP3's and are
> going to limit the quality of any MP3's you record on an XP system.

Big surprise there.  They both have their own encoding formats, WMA and
RA.  No surprise that they'd rather support that than MP3.  Especially
when digital content is gonna be a cash cow.  If MS can convince more
people to license their stuff, they're better off than if everyone is
still using MP3's.  

Then again, with my w2k box, I see no way to create mp3's at all so 56k
mp3's are an improvement.

>   What you want doesn't matter, microsoft wants you to use RealNetworks...

Huh?  No they don't...they want you to use Windows Media, Real wants you
to use Real.  Apple wants you to use Quicktime.  Nothing new there.

I swear...after reading the article on /., they need a moderation category
labeled "Kneejerk anti-MS reply, no I didn't bother reading the article"
I suppose that could be shortened to "dumb-ass".  Sadly half those
comments are already marked insightful.

rude mode off.

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