[ale] Tricking your clients

Denny Chambers bugfix4u at bellsouth.net
Tue Apr 10 10:44:29 EDT 2001

I am doing some research for a mirroring/failover project. I am looking
at different ways to get the clients to stop communicating with the
primary server and start communication with the secondary server. There
seems to be three major ways of doing this.

1. DNS tricks (Dynamic DNS) - I am ruling this out for this project,
because it is to slow in migrating clients over, we will not have access
to client DNS, and it assumes that your client is referring to all of
the machines by host name. This is more for web/ftp server failover.

2. IP Address Takeover - This is the more popular way and some what more
documented. This along with gratuitous ARP seems to be the best answer
right now.

3. MAC Address Takeover - This is the reason that I am writing this
email. I have seen this technique mentioned in a couple of place, but
not a lot of information is available. So has anyone done or doing this
now? Can anyone provide some more detailed information on this topic
(Pros / Cons)?

Thanks in advance,
Denny Chambers
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