[ale] Distributed File Systems

Vernard Martin vernard at cc.gatech.edu
Thu Apr 5 19:39:17 EDT 2001

> Yes, they do.  AFS became DFS.  It is a very bad history,
> since the research is sponsored by the government.  And,
> they just made it proprietary.  It has left a bad impression 
> in the Unix community.  But, the technology was much better
> than NFS, since you can export filesystems securely and with
> good performance across WAN.

I have always considered DFS/AFS to be pretty much the same thing. And yes,
AFS is pretty darned good. But I haven't heard anything dramatically better
about the DFS version vs. the freely available AFS version.

> Look up Transarc! Mainframe connectivity! AIX!

Never heard of them. Specifically, never heard of anyone building clusters out 
of AIX machines. 

> I strongly believe AFS can be used over Gig links between 
> clusters.  It is, however, very hard for the Unix community 
> to forgive the sin of ripping off community efforts for one 
> own greed/benefit.

AFS can definitely be used over Gig links. Works quite nicely. 

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